Information boards

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Let your love for coffee shine with these new Coffee Based advertising signs. Whether it concerns restaurant menus, certificates, QR codes or more, they can all be printed in full color on our sustainable coffee panels. These boards have an MDF core, covered with a stylish, biobased coffee laminate finish on both sides.
For all versions you can choose between our Arabica Black or Cafea Silverskin coffee material.

Shipping time: +/- 4 weeks

Your own print on a coffee information board?
De reclame bordjes zonder print zijn direct te bestellen in de webshop. Wil jij je eigen print? Neem dan even contact met ons op via of  085 06 085 70.
We are happy to help you design a custom information board.

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Gemaakt met Nederlands koffiedik of koffieboonvliesjes!

There are two different versions available:
T-standard boards that can be printed on both sides and angled boards with two legs that be printed on one side.

Both variants are available in A5 and A4, both in Arabica Black and Cafea Silverskin coffee panel.

Your logo on a Coffee Based product

If this product is ordered in large quantities, it can be personalized with a logo to create a well-suited promotional gift for your (business) partners.