Strong together

A vision alone is not enough if you want to make an impact. You need like-minded people and companies to make this vision a reality. Innovation arises when its why and the who come together and a chain is created in which the vision is converted into tangible results. Finding the right parties to form this chain is sometimes challenging, but wonderful when it works!
We are grateful that we work with parties who join us in our mission to revalue coffee grounds and silverskin so that they do not become waste. They each form a valuable link and we would like to tell you more about that.

Inspired by how this happens in nature, we want a society in which we revalue materials before they become waste. We contribute to this by making valuable products with coffee grounds and silverskin.

Does this mission appeal to you?

We are always looking for like-minded people with whom we can prevent waste and create valuable products. We would like to discuss how we can work together.

Coffee Based biobased producten