Coffee Panel Arabica Black 5mm

From € 61,31 excl. VAT per m2

Coffee Based panelen bestaan uit een kern, met een stijlvolle, biobased koffielaminaat afwerking aan beide zijden. Zo ontstaat een paneel waarmee je alle kanten op kan. Van koffiemeubel tot logo achter de  bar, met dit koffiepaneel maak je de koffiehoek helemaal af!

  • MDF core, laminated with Arabica Black veneer made with Dutch coffee grounds
  • Bio-based
  • The material can be provided with an engraving or print for a personal touch.
  • The veneer is not waterproof (if water remains on it, it will leave stains)
  • The veneer is quite sensitive to scratches
  • Size: 2440 x 1220 x 5 mm

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Hopje koffiedik

Made with coffee grounds

Coffee Based has developed a coffee panel that can replace furniture panels with a petroleum-based plastic veneer layer. These bio-based panels can be used for sustainable furniture. In this way, Coffee Based not only helps to reduce waste, but also the extraction of petroleum. 

Coffee Based coffee panels consist of core with a stylish, bio-based coffee sheet on both sides. A versatile panel as a starting point to go from in all different directions. Coffee furniture or bar, are some of the many options! Make your coffee corner complete with this coffee panel. The plates are available in different thicknesses, so that they can be used in all kinds of products and projects. The material can be provided with an engraving or print for a personal touch.

The veneer is not waterproof. If water remains on it, it will leave stains, just like with untreated wood. The material is also quite sensitive to scratches. It is therefore advisable to mainly use the material 'vertically' and not as a table top or worktop, for example.

Your logo on a Coffee Based product

If this product is ordered in large quantities, it can be personalized with a logo to create a well-suited promotional gift for your (business) partners.