Coffee Wall Decoration

Transform your interior with our coffee panels wall decoration. With this Coffee Based map made with recycled coffee grounds you add a feeling of coffee luxury to your coffee corner, office or entrance hall.

Our standard design shows the map of the Netherlands (Dimensions: approx. 121 x 85 cm), ideal for showcasing your local connections in this country. The panel consists of an MDF core, with a stylish, bio-based coffee laminate finish.

But other shapes and full-color printing are of course also possible. From a cut-out of your logo to a world map to custom decorative pieces... almost anything is possible! Let us know what your ideas are, we will be happy to help you with your design ideas.

Gemaakt met Nederlands koffiedik!

At Coffee Based we combine sustainability with beautiful designs, and we offer you a unique solution to take your coffee corner, office or entrance hall to a higher level.

Environmentally-friendly: Our coffee panels are not just decoration; it is a statement of sustainability. Each panel, made with recycled coffee grounds, contributes to a greener, more environmentally conscious environment.

Custom designs: While our standard design features the map of the Netherlands, our coffee panels are a material waiting for your creativity. Customise the panels according to your unique vision by choosing designs that fit seamlessly into your interior project.

Versatile Applications: Perfect for offices, entrance halls, or any space where aesthetics and functionality come together. Our panels add a touch of warmth and sophistication, creating an inviting atmosphere that reflects your style.

Your logo on a Coffee Based product

If this product is ordered in large quantities, it can be personalized with a logo to create a well-suited promotional gift for your (business) partners.