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Societe Generale on the way to plastic free


Societe Generale cares

In 2023 Societe Generale launched the ‘Free From Plastic’ competition. This competition was a worldwide quest for alternatives to traditional plastic products, because by the end of 2024, Societe Generale aims to be completely plastic-free. Out of more than 120 entries, Coffee Based was chosen as the winner. As a first result, Coffee Based cups will be introduced at the Societe Generale headquarters in the summer of 2024.

Coffee Based founders visit Societe Generale at their office in Paris.

Biobased from coffee waste

Coffee Based is an innovative company from the Netherlands that promotes a circular economy. Processing coffee grounds and silverskin into an innovative material prevents it from becoming waste. Coffee Based material is bio-based and suitable for creating fascinating products.

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Cups made with
coffee grounds or silverskin

Coffee Based cups are sustainable, reusable cups made from plant-based materials and coffee waste!

Coffee Based converts coffee grounds into innovative products and also uses the coffee bean silverskins. These silvery membranes are released when the coffee beans are roasted. By adding these as one of our raw materials, we reuse more and more material from the coffee chain.

Drink sustainable coffee at home too

Because of this ‘free from plastic’ collaboration, Societe Generale employees are offered a special discount on Coffee Based products if they wish to order them for home use as well.

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